Above: voice students and sisters Sophia and Olivia perform a duet for this summer’s past “remote recital.”


Welcome to Maryland Music Studio! Due to the current COVID pandemic, all of our music lessons are now online. Using a variety of platforms, including Zoom and Skype, we are finding that online lessons offer a different pace and perspective from in-person lessons. Delia is providing accompaniment and practice tracks to support voice students, while Piotr will instruct you how to best position your laptop or computer for the best keyboard viewing during piano lessons. What’s definitely not missing in these online lessons? The same personal instruction, inspiration, laughs and smiles as we had in-person!

Whether you are interested in playing piano, singing, learning guitar, or just brushing up your musical theory, you can contact us to try out an online lesson today.


After decades of institutional teaching, we started our private music studio in our house in Rockville ten years ago. Since then, we have met and worked with so many wonderful people! From complete beginners to seasoned professionals, our students continue to inspire and surprise us as they grow in their musical journeys. While some of our students play or sing simply for their own pleasure, others perform in school plays, talent shows, and choruses, and still others have gone on to conservatories and to playing major concerts!

We welcome all levels and ages. We teach classical as well as American contemporary styles, such as pop, jazz, and more.


Above: Eric, age 18, in his performance video from this summer’s “remote recital.”

Students are encouraged to perform in at least one studio recital per year.

What is your dream?  Perhaps we can help you to sharpen your technique and hone your artistic expression.  Give us a call now at 202-236-4725. We can’t wait for you to get started!


Delia and Piotr Zielinski