Thank you for your interest in private classical guitar lessons. I would like to invite you to this exciting and fun journey of learning to play such a beautiful instrument. Maybe you’re just starting out and dreaming of playing your favorite piece. Or maybe you’re an intermediate or advanced player looking to improve your playing. In any case, I would love to help you with your goals, dreams and challenges as a guitarist.


Please call me at 202 236-4523 to discuss your goals and interest in classical guitar lessons.

Our acoustic guitar instruction includes fundamentals of tone production, free and rest stroke, right hand patterns of movement, string crossing, scales, arpeggios, and much more. As you gain comfort and confidence with the instrument, you can develop conscious and mindful playing and interpretation, patterns of movement, improved posture, and understand how the guitar is an extension of the body.  Wonderfully romantic music written for the guitar will inspire your performance preparation and techniques, and you can learn more efficient practicing.

“The classical guitar has a dynamic to it unlike a regular acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.” Steve Vai

I enjoy working with all levels of musicians, from consulting professional players to complete beginners, children and adults.

Music Samples

Here are some music samples of my playing both solo and with a guitar quartet: