• Who should apply? Anyone can take lessons at Maryland Music Studio. We are ideally interested in teaching students that have good degree of natural interest and curiosity about music. Often that interest can be awakened and nurtured through regular music lessons.
  • How do I start? Please click on Sign up now link and we will contact you shortly to schedule an introductory lesson.
  • Do you offer a free introductory lesson? No, we don’t offer free lessons at this time.
  • Am I expected to come every week? Yes, prices are based on weekly attendance.
  • What if I have to reschedule a lesson? Reschedules are possible with advance notice, and lessons can be made up if availability permits, but please keep changes of schedule to a minimum. We are teaching professionally and our ability to provide great music lessons depends on your attendance. You will be billed for the amount of weeks in each month regardless of attendance.
  • How much practicing is necessary? Regular practice is required, the teacher will discuss effective practice habits during the lessons.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions.