Studio Policies and Regulations 2015-2016

§1. Fees, billing periods and acceptable methods and times of payment.
The rates quoted on this website are for weekly lessons with monthly advance billing. If you need lessons every other week or occasional consultation please contact us for rates. The tuition covers weekly lessons for the actual number of weeks in each month. For example if your lessons are on Wednesdays, and in September there are four Wednesdays you will pay in advance for four lessons for that month. That means there are usually four, and occasionally three or five lessons per month. Please consult our calendar for holidays and semester schedules. No refund will be given, once lessons are started. The billing is on a monthly basis. The tuition is due in advance for each billing period, due at your first lesson of each month and at the latest on the sixth (6th) of the month, in cash or check. In case of returned checks only cash payments will be accepted.

§2. Changes in the schedule.
To ensure smooth functioning of the studio we ask you to commit to a regular time for your weekly lessons. Please think and plan ahead, and remember your lesson time. Please don’t feel that if you are not prepared well enough you should skip that lesson; the teacher will have plenty of material to work with you. If you have an emergency and need to cancel a lesson, please make every effort to give the teacher as much notice as possible, but at the latest by 9 pm the day preceding the lesson. Make ups lessons will not be credited for subsequent lessons, they will be given in addition to your weekly times. No make up lessons will be provided for lessons cancelled after 9 pm the day preceding the lesson. In the case of instructor absence the instructor will provide a make up time during the month in which the absence occurred.

§3. Tuition.
Lesson fees are due on or before the sixth of every month. If payment is made after the 6th a $5.00 late fee will be charged. If new students start during the billing period, fees will be prorated for that period. Please consult the current tuition schedule for tuition fees.

§4. Lesson Time.
Please make appropriate arrangements to assure arriving at your scheduled time. You may arrive up to 15 minutes early and waiting area will be provided. However, children must be picked up promptly at the end of their lesson.

§6. Parking.
You may park in the driveway weekdays between 7 am – 5 pm. Otherwise, you may park on the street.

§7. Recitals.
Recitals will occur regularly, usually twice and at least once a year. Format is informal. Performing and attending recitals is strongly encouraged.

§8. Termination of lessons.
Please give at least 2 weeks advance written notice if you plan to discontinue lessons. No refunds will be given for the current billing period. In special circumstances of illness, etc. the teacher may determine that a refund may be appropriate- this is solely at discretion of teacher.