Guitar and piano lessons are the most popular and most requested for children. Music lessons at Maryland Music Studio are an exciting opportunity to introduce your child to to the wonderful world of music. We highly recommend you try a first lesson with one of our teachers to see if we are a good match.


Methods and Qualifications

Our teachers have training in early childhood music pedagogy, including the Suzuki guitar and piano methods. With Suzuki, children learn to play songs with which they are already familiar. Your child will be able to read music from the first lesson and play a short piece in a matter of weeks. For older children we also use Aaron Shearer, Hal Leonard, Berkelee (guitar), or Bastien (piano). Learning music at a young age is tremendously beneficial for your child. It has been proven to improve problem solving skills, creative thinking, discipline, confidence, and self-expression. Our teaching atmosphere is always positive and encouraging.

Choosing an instrument and lesson time length

Acoustic and digital pianos are acceptable. Guitars are made in appropriate sizes for all age groups, including instruments in 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8 sizes. We can personally recommend a few stores or vendors where you can find an appropriate sized instrument for your child, so please ask us! Renting student guitars may not be the best option. We believe that age 5 is a good age for a child to begin lessons.  In general the longer the lesson time the better the child’s progress; however, the teacher will take into account your child’s age and ability in order to determine the appropriate length. For younger children weekly lessons between 30 to 45 minutes are most common, while we may recommend 45 to 60 minutes weekly for older children.