Through my two years studying with Delia Zielinski, the quality and technical ability of my voice has increased exponentially. This is not only due to the fact that her teaching ability is not only fantastic, but it is mainly due to the level of comfort that she provides for her students. Walking into the studio is always a pleasure, and because she made me feel right at home, I found myself taking more chances with my singing; and as a result of those chances, I was able to figure out the problem spots in my voice and improve on them.

Storm K., rising senior at Westminster Choir College

I am a performing musician, guitar teacher and I have been playing for over 20 years. I have studied with some very good instructors in college and in conservatories, but Piotr is exceptional. I wasn’t seeking a teacher when I discovered him. As soon as I saw his education, performance history, and heard samples of his virtuosic playing I knew right away that I needed to train with Piotr. He shares his mastery of technique and musical concepts clearly and patiently. My playing has improved dramatically since my lessons began a year ago. I feel fortunate to be his student.

Eric Keller

Delia is a joy. A lovely singer, she teaches with the entire student in mind by equally emphasizing technique, language, and performance. Lessons with her are laughter-filled and convenient for an adult taking classes after work.

Susan C., adult student

Lessons with Delia have done wonders for my voice. She has made me realize for first time how important and advantageous it is to know the mechanics of singing (the physical things the body has to do to produce a desired sound).  I have considerably more breadth and voice control and absolutely love the improved clarity of my upper register which hasn’t gone unnoticed! She has exposed me to beautiful new music and has given me the confidence to try and sing them. Her love for singing is infectious and creates a wonderful atmosphere that is not only fun, but conducive to learning and non judgemental.

In short – Delia knows what she’s doing and is good at it!!

Adebambi O., adult student

Delia Zielinski has been instrumental in my development as a singer and live performer. Because of her advice and guidance, everyone has noticed a great improvement in my singing. And since I feel more confident while singing, my performance on stage has gone up to the next level.

Milton V. (aka Rocco – lead singer of Latin pop rock band Ocho de Bastos)