Vocal Freedom!

Thank you for your interest in voice lessons at Maryland Music Studio. Can you actually LEARN to SING? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Whether you wish to pursue singing professionally or as a hobby, you can feel successful and securing singing with good technique and artistry. It doesn’t matter what style of music you want to sing. Whether you perform opera, music theatre, jazz, pop, R & B, or country; good, functional technique will allow your individual voice to shine.  So, you can learn to sing in your chosen style or even switch styles.


Good singing technique includes the development of proper breathing, pitch, projection, stamina, understanding of registers, dynamics, and much more. I work with singers on performance skills, including auditioning, interpretation, and style. If you are a beginner and not even sure where to start or what to sing, I can help place you on your path and get you singing. If you are an experienced singer, I can help you hone your skills and address what technical points you really want to improve. I have been singing professionally for over a decade,  so I understand and respect the process of growing as a singer.

Delia Zielinski